manual ladle cover

                                    New    LADCOV09
Manual cover for ladles preheating  
                                         optimize the heat costs at minimum

P.G.M. Pozzi Guido Macchine, reality from years committed in the supply of original solutions for the preheating of ladles, introduces
one of his most recent proposals in theme of coverage of ladles during theirs preheating.
Characterized by a notable simplicity LADCOV 09 belongs to the professional range of the solutions of ladles preheating and offers
a number of significant advantages in the no ferrous and ferrous foundries.
Below  the principal advantages:
-         lightness (to see chart related to the weights)
-         consequent handling  without problems with two operators, with levers through the eye bolts on specially positioned.
-         wide range of dimensions (from 600 mms to 1000 mms of diameter) for the plain ladles, but also possibility of special covers.
-         first level materials :
. both for the carpentry: body in steel and lateral flaps in steel inox AISI 304.
      . both for the refractory coverage: of the family of the mixed compressed fibers able to bear
        temperatures up to 1300°C
-         any drying of the refractory material is request, so LADCOV 09 can operate just come
 in the foundry
-         easy maintenance, also autonomously in the foundry
 ladle cover  for steel & pig iron
 Range of available dimensions for LADCOV 09
cover models
Diameter of the cover mm
Weight in Kg around
Thickness mm
LADCOV 09 600
LADCOV 09 800
LADCOV 09 1000

 Cover for aluminium ladle with burnerCover for steel and pig Iron Ladle with burner
 The various models LADCOV 09 can be combined to burners endowed with safety valve for an operation without necessity of presence of the operator
This execution, besides the advantages described here above for the simply coverage of the LADCOV 09 range, allows to:
-         operate with a complete preheating unit  complete of preassembled burner
-         eliminate any kind of burner’s supports thanks to their direct assemblage on the cover

 Burners used for the realization of preassembled ladles heating units

Diameter of the cover mm
Model of the burner
Power of the burner
Weight with burner
LADCOV 09 600
80.000 Kcal/h
Kg. 32
LADCOV 09 800
100.000 Kcal/h
Kg. 40
LADCOV 09 1000
100.000 Kcal/h
Kg. 49


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