o.l.dalumen - metal news center


o.l.dalumen - metal news center
- introduction
Nowadays in order to achieve good results in business, it is imperative - even more than in the past – to be aware of the existing complexities of global market conditions.
New challenges, fast dynamics changes of international set ups and equilibrium, new economies in the forefront, extension of EU are facts that are subject to continuous modifications and that the operators should take in consideration for a serious and professional evaluation.
o.l.dalumen - metal news center wants to be a landmark for all executives who, on the basis of correct information, wish to work and take professional decisions both for short and long term operations.
- who we are
o.l.dalumen - metal news center is specialized both in the study of ferrous and non ferrous metal markets – from production, to transformation and recycling – both in Italy and abroad.
The sector directed to “communication” as well as active attendance in occasion of sectorial “events” is of primary importance in our proposal.
o.l.dalumen - metal news center consists of professionals with many years of experience in their field, everyone of them is in condition to evaluate and study the problems in details.
- fields of competence
           non ferrous metals ( aluminium, magnesium, brass, bronze, zinc )
           ferrous metals( steel, cast iron )
  • primary metals
  • secondary metals : metals from recycling
  • metal scraps : generation, collection, reuse, processing, valorization
  • semis like: foundry castings, extruded and cold-drawn, rolled, forged, others
  • production and transformation technologies
  • final utilisation sectors
- activities , services
  • metals market quantification: non ferrous, ferrous ( statistical figures, interpretations, segmentation, etc. )
  • market research ad hoc
  • fluxe, flows , production chain and their quantification
  • articles for magazines : technical and economic contents
  • papers for international and national meetings, conventions, seminars
  • attendance for fairs and conventions
  • ad hoc consulting, training of personnel, drawing up of company documentation
  • company’s documentation strategy
  • distribution and presentation of magazines and/or special projects in occasion of exhibitions or other events
  • special events
- to whom we are addressing
  • industrial companies , traders, services, dealers, brokers, etc
  • small-medium companies: both in production and in utilization areas
  • refiners, remelters, extruders, millwork factories, foundries, hot-work factories, etc.
  • publishers
  • associations
  • agencies and corporations
o.l.dalumen - metal news center     Via F.lli Bressan 16   20126 Milan - Italy
tel 0039 2 2552271 -   0039 2 33607542                 fax 0039 2 92878849 - 0039 2 33607542
email : carlo.gennari@fastwebnet.it    skype : carlo.gennari11
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