Metallization machines for : handshowers, rails, shower heads, taps and many other accessories for the bathroom.


Vacuum coating METALLIZATION

Metallization allows to obtain bright or mat metal finishing, evaporating aluminum onto any substrates (glass, plastic, metal…) with a cold, dry and environmentally friendly cycle.

DGK36" aero-metal High-Vacuum Metallizing Plant

consisting of :
Horizontal steel coating chamber: dia. 1000mm  depth 1250mm
2 (two) trolleys horizontal configuration for easy loading/unloading
2 (two) rotating satellite-holders systems
1 (one) 1 (one) Metallizing source
1 (one) Metallizing power supply
1 (one) Plasma activation & cleaning system
2 (two) high-vacuum diffusion pumps 5.000 l/s
1 (one) rotary piston vacuum pump HV255 m3/h
1 (one) roots vacuum pump 2550 m3/h
automatic working cycle
automatic vacuum controller
2 (two) removable stainless steel shields
1 (one) year warranty from testing date

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