plant and machinery supply for foundries
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 Aluminium melting furnace, cold feeding from topBasin melting-holding Aluminium furnace

 supply of plants and machines for:
- aluminium foundries : sand, gravity, high pressure die casting, low pressure
- others "non ferrous" foundries : brass, bronze, zamak, lead, magnesium
- ferrous foundries : steel, pig iron
- forging of metals
- heat treatments of metals

- sand core production
 electric heated ladleCrucible furrnace with manual tilting

- melting and holding furnaces  gas and electric : with crucible, basin, with feeding from high, dry sole, shippers for furnaces, etc

- ladles for liquid metal's transport: heated or not, coaxial ( NEW)

 MINI furnaces for low-medium capacity foundries( bronze ,brass, aluminium, copper)  mainly for : 
 artistic foundries, metal laboratories, educational, prototyping, gold, silver, etc.
  Range of capacity

mixer for paints : for dies, moulds , foundries utils, etc

- heat treatment furnaces : chamber or tunnel systems, walking hearth, continous, rotatory, galvanic bath 

- furnaces for forging processes : heating and heat treatments

Heating systems in metallurgy :
     ladles pre-heating
     new ladle cover ( manual ), 
burners  60.000 Kcal/h     
     burners 100.000 Kcal/h   
     frames ( moulds pre-heating, surfaces heatings, etc)  

 Plants for aluminium metallurgical treatments :  degassing and filtering ( also continous for foundries of ingots , billets,
   slabs, etc), flux injector plants ( grain refining, Na mod., drossing off, removal, deoxidizing

- service refractory lining : furnaces, ladles

- second hand machines

- o.l.dalumen - metal news center , consulting, advice - recruitment

       USED/SECOND HAND EQUIPMENT  more than 100 offers