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KOLZER refurbished Vacuum Coating Plants  PROCESSES



Metallization allows to obtain bright or mat metal finishing, evaporating aluminum onto any substrates (glass, plastic, metal…) with a cold, dry and environmentally friendly cycle.

Mainly applications are reflectors (both automotive and solar applications), cosmetic and fashion accessories.






Using the technique of PVD Sputtering coating, which is a clean, dry and low cost process and takes place at room temperature, it’s possible to deposit any metal or alloy (chrome, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, pure silver…) on any material, shape, size and geometry substrate.

Coatings can fulfill the following purposes: aesthetic, functional, decorative, electronic, antibacterial, reflection, insulation, magnetism, filtration, conductivity, medical, wear, corrosion, mechanical and other.
ITO - Indium Tin Oxide - coated substrate.
Typical ITO applications : touch panel contacts, electrodes for LCD and electrochronic displays, energy conserving architectural windows, defogging aircraft and automobile windows, heat-reflecting coatings to increase light bulb efficiency, gas sensors, antistatic window coatings, wear resistant layers on glass, etc.

- Plasma etching:

         is a clean, dry and cold  process that allows to:

  • remove organic pollutants;
  • increase surface tension and therefore surface wettability;
  • forms a surface which is able to react actively with the contact polymers (varnishes, adhesives, inks, etc).

It’s often combined with Metallization or Sputtering processes, in order to clean the substrate before the metal deposition and improve the adhesion of metal onto it.


        Coating characteristics:


- Plasma PECVD

- Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition:

PECVD allows to obtain anticorrosion transparent thin films on metals and alloys, and it is a “clean” technology that doesn’t require solvents, water, detergents, nor disposal systems, and uses very low quantities of reagents (for ex. Silicon compounds), making it economically attractive, too.

The technology consists in introducing all the elements in the process chamber, make them react and deposit on the substrate, which is “dipped” in a plasma environment . Internal characteristics of the material are not changed by this superficial deposit, but thanks to the plasma a very strong link will be created between the substrate and the film.

- fashion, heels,buttons
- packaging
- automotive lighting and accessories
- glass

- bathroom accessories
- furniture accessories
- fur
- domestic appliances

second hand , refurbished vacuum coating machines availables 21/04/2018

further infomation : carlo.gennari@fastwebnet.it

model            coating         
chamber diameter mm chamber lenght mm producer metallization Sputtering PECVD internet connection note photos photos



    PGM 36"




1000 1200 Kolzer        



Always remained in the laboratory


  consisting of:

   horizontal steel coating chamber:
   diam. 1000 mm  depth 1250 mm

  1 rotary pumps  250 m3/h

  1 pump roots 2000 m3/h

  Plasma generator  RF 13,56 Mhz

  2 pieces holder carousel

  Electric panel and PC and PC software 
  Window closet, technical assistance.



    DGK 36" 1000 1200 Kolzer x      




working machine, for realities oriented to performance but with a small investment





     DGK 36"

      see photos

1000 1250 Kolzer   x x yes


 unique opportunity, sputtering machine, completely equipped, with chiller, 4 new targets,  very attractive price
see photos


see photos see photos
     DGK 36" 1000 1200 Kolzer x x x yes


unique opportunity, sputtering machine of the year 2014, completely equipped, with chiller, attractive price

      DGK 36" 1000 1200 Kolzer X   X yes



very very good conditions.

complete with 
iridescence system for glass



Vertical machines chamber diameter mm chamber lenght mm producer metallization Sputtering PECVD internet connection      
V201-VE 1350 1200 Galileo x   x   SOLD    
       MK 48" 1250 1250 Kolzer x      

complete with PLASMA

very very good conditions.

  consisting of :

 - Vertical steel coating chamber:
   diam. 1250mm  depth 1250mm

 - 2 (two) doors vertical configuration for easy

 - satellite indexing with 6, 8, 12 positions
 - 1 (one) Metallizing source

 - 1 (one) Metallizing power supply
 - 1 (one) Plasma activation & cleaning system
 - 1 (one) high-vacuum diffusion pump
   25.000. l/s

 - 1 (one) rotary piston vacuum pump
   HV520 m3/h

 - 1 (one) roots vacuum pump 3000 m3/h
 - automatic working cycle
 - automatic vacuum controller
 - 2 (two) removable stainless steel shields
 - 1 (one) year warranty from testing date





AM/KW 1700 HT vertical

1700 x 1500 mm

machine perfectly usable in all applications of vacuum metallization technology.
In addition it is equipped with special accessories for the car headlights industry (PECVD)​  


Used machines are fully guaranteed for 12 months and ready to stand up to the toughest applications, just like a new system.


Service Declaration
Every used machine is carefully checked in our company, all documented to our high standards of quality and workmanship for every modification made, including ordinary maintenance or repairs.  All this is done to strict standards to assure fine performance and a worry free guarantee for years of successful production.



  KOLZER USED SYSTEMS:   an opportunity !

 KOLZER began manufacturing in 1950. The machines are built to last, just as the tradition of Kolzer has lasted.
 Various KOLZER systems are still functioning after 40 years of outstanding service. KOLZER "THE GENESIS OF METALLIZATION"

  A rebuilt system:  
  a used KOLZER machine is refurbished to the same high quality performance standards as when it was first built.

 Frequently clients possess only the desire to integrate new technology into their production, without all the technical knowledge and potential uses that vacuum coating offers:  whether it be Metallization or  
 Sputtering. Purchasing a high performance used system is an attractive alternative for new users or current vacuum coaters,  who need to keep a keen eye on their pocketbook, but
  are not willing to sacrifice quality.  The other advantage is becoming a partner with KOLZER, a cutting edge manufacturer that is always evolving.  A used system offers a traditional goods producer the
  opportunity to enter new markets and niche applications and therefore gain profits for their company.

 Technical Assistance
 KOLZER services used machines equally in terms of support and professional attention, giving the same care as their new systems. 
 In our experience over 40% of these machines generate so much business for a client that another machine is ordered, used or new, to maintain the production level.

 Ready in stock :  The machines are available to see and evaluate in our showroom.

 100% Bonus for Used systems
  Purchasing a used KOLZER machine offers you the opportunity , after having experienced all the advantages of vacuum coating, to receive a bonus of the exact cost spent for the used machine towards a new one.


Oil for primary pumps:
Code V-LUBE PS Rotary Pump oil
Code V-LUBE RT Booster Roots pump oil
code 1027022601 DOW DOW CORNING 702 FLUID

Grease for seals : DOW code 1020040500 tube gr100

Resistors in Tungsten : Code SPIRAL 2100 pieces PACKAGE
Aluminum WIRE : Type WRAP  (package 10.000pz)
Copper WIRE

Sputtering Targets

       ask for CONSUMABLES offer to :  carlo.gennari@fastwebnet.it
  ask for SPARE PARTS offer to carlo.gennari@fastwebnet.it

          To make the correct identification please refer :

  • Part number
  • Manufacturer
  • Serial number, etc.
  • Any other available information

DGK36 "SPUTTERING year 2016
worked only 4 month
complete with:
2 carriages with carousel-holder
2 sputtering sources
MF dual cathode plasma etching
MF PECVD plasma deposition AC
5 gas inlets
Target # 1 chromium; # 1 titanium
2 sets of covers in stainless steel
CE Certification
1 year warranty

DGK36" SPUTTERING anno 2016
ha lavorato solo 4 mesi

completa di :
2 carrelli con giostra portapezzi
2 sorgenti sputtering
Plasma etching MF a doppio catodo
Plasma deposizione AC MF PECVD
5 ingressi gas
target: 1 cromo; 1 titanio
2 set di camice in acciaio inox
Certificazione e marchio CE
Garanzia : 1 anno

MK 48" Kolzer  METALLIZATION machine

Vertical double door machine:
Vacuum Chamber: diameter 1250 mm lenght 1250 mm
Number of satellites : 6-8-12
Satellite diameter: 360 – 310 - 220 mm
Satellite working length : 1005 mm
Surface that can be metallized : 8/9 m2
Production cycle frequency : 12  cycle/h
Emptying time 5x10-4mbar : 4 min
Maximum vacuum : 1 x 10-5
Rotary piston pump capacity :  520  m3/h
Roots pump capacity : 3000  m3/h
Diffusion pump capacity “ five phases autocleaning jet” : 2 x 23.000 L/s

contact us for more information on available machines :
Carlo Gennari - Italy - tel +39 (0)2 2552271 carlo.gennari@fastwebnet.it