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 RICHIESTA di PERSONALE -  Personnel requests 

- Primaria fonderia di acciaio cerca 
                     Responsabile di fonderia con esperienza 
ubicazione : Lombardia

- Wanted an :
Expert in reheating furnaces 
                         for a global European-based refractories company

Some   information:
1.       Must have good English, other languages (including Italian) very good
2.       Must have expertise in the operation, design, etc, of reheating furnaces.
      Some experience/expertise with refractories is needed.

3.       This is global technical marketing position: will be working with technical people all over the world in the promotion of company products and services as well as bringing technical information back to the company to optimize company offering to the market.
4.       This not a sale job; it is technical marketing and technical management. A technical salesman can do the job, but so can an engineer that is good with people
5.       Must have a degree in engineering or similar
6.       Position in Germany, France or possibly in Italy. More flexible for someone with very good refractory background already
7.       There is paid relocation if needed.
8.       Good salary, benefits and bonus package.  
Please contact: Eric Levy and Mineral Chemical Search;

OFFERTA di PERSONALE -  Personnel offers
nessuna -

Carlo Gennari - Milano
agenzia specializzata in forniture di soluzioni per fonderie
forni, siviere fredde e riscaldate, rifacimento refrattari, trattamento metallo liquido, preriscaldo siviere, riscaldi vari, ecc
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