shot peening machine for springs, wheelabrator, blasting machine,springs

Shot peening continuous machine
for springs

perfectly revised with one year warranty

        WHEELABRATOR  mod. Feder W/A - 2  turbines

        springs diameter             min.Ø.70 max. Ø300 mm
        springs lenght               min.150 max. 1100 mm      


Pieces for blasting / peening         Springs

Material                                             Iron/steel               

Springs diameter                             min.Ø.70 max. Ø300 mm

Springs lenght                                  min.150 max. 1100 mm

Spiral springs                                   Ø max 600 mm

Cycle                                                 Automatic / continous

Type                                                   Tunnel with pushers                                     

Turbines                                            n° 2   (above the tunnel)

Turbine diameter                               mm 360

Turbine power                                  kW  18.5 cad.

Tunnel overall dimensions mm      8000x3000x6350 h  

Automatic cartridge filter                mc/h 6000

Total installed power                        kW   60   about

The blasting tunnel is made of very thick carbon steeland with internal central prote
ction and armor plating in 12% Manganese steel to guarantee a long life against the abrasive action of the shot blasting itself.
COCHLEA: to recover the grit from the bottom of the machine, it has the task of moving it to the base of the cup elevator.
CUP ELEVATOR: take the grit to the powder selector positioned on the top of the machine.
SELECTOR: highly efficient equipment consisting of inclined planes that allow the flow of grit to an air flow that has the task of removing dust. In the selector there is an attack for the suction of the filtered pouder from the "washing" of the grit same.
Nr. 2 TURBINES with inverter: (upper) high efficiency type complete with blades and armor made of hard Ni-HARD steel material to guarantee long life.
PUSH-MOUNTING CONVEYOR: It is made by a series of pushers hooked to a prestretched chain with inclination of about 90 ° with respect to the longitudinal axis of the system: the disposal of the pushers and their special shape determine the rotary/translation movement of the springs to be treated according to a programmed advancement speed regulated by an inverter.
AUTOMATIC DUST FILTER: positioned near the shot blasting machine in order to remove dust from the blasting chamber. The filter is able to guarantee a maximum dust emission of less than 5 mgr / Nm3

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