Coaxial ladle



Tilting coaxial ladle SVB04:
ew frontier of the ladle

Where wrong those who thought that the ladle world could not present any news.
The new ladle tilting coaxial mod. SVB04  is offering two interesting contributions in foundry: in the area of security and operation.
In fact has a cover, very important for security when it moves transported by the forklift from the melting furnace to the holding furnaces.
But the significant operational advantage is during the filling of the holding furnaces when the operator has only to place the beak of the ladle in the correct point , then it rotates coaxially througt  an hydraulic system, and feed  the liquid aluminium without the need for the continuous and critical corrections required in the case of traditional ladles.
This advantage is greatly appreciated in general and even more so in those foundries where the feeding point is in high or uncomfortable position  or in a hidden place.
Equipped with extensive safety equipment, the ladle coaxial SVB04 has controlled tilting speed for the correct

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